Stevia vs. Sugar

About fifteen years ago I realized I was constantly feeling tired and run down. I generally felt bad most of the time. By trial and error I soon discovered that what I was eating was greatly effecting the way I was feeling. I began studying health and nutrition and soon realized that in my case, sugar was one of the big culprits. It was wreaking havoc on my immune system.
Since I have greatly reduced my sugar intake, I now feel so much better! Whether you’re goal is losing weight or just a boost in overall health, eliminating sugar is a big step in the right direction.
Ok, I know you’re probably asking, “What in the world am I going to replace it with in my favorite recipes? Splenda? Saccharin? Aspartame?” My answer is no, no, no to those questions, (another topic for another day). But all is not lost and there’s an even better, healthier alternative…Stevia. Stevia extract comes from the plant, Rebiana, (an all-natural herb…designed by God Himself). ūüôā
I use it for everything…baking muffins, cookies, pies, sweet tea, breads, etc…anywhere there’s a need for sugar. By the way, it doesn’t raise your blood sugar level, (great for diabetics). Several years back, you could only find Stevia in health food stores. Great news, Walmart now carries it, (that’s where I buy ours and it’s much cheaper). I buy the big bags for recipes and little packets for “on the go”…….(use with your coffee and add to unsweetened tea when you go out). Some folks say they can tell the difference in Stevia and sugar as far as taste goes. But the difference is very subtle, (but it pales in comparison to the health benefits after making the switch).
I greatly hope I have helped and informed somebody today.
Here’s to being a healthier you!


This morning

This morning, I feel in my heart to speak especially to women who have lost hope or think they do not have purpose.

To the young mommy at home:
Be encouraged…your greatest purpose are those little ones that are in your care.
To the woman fighting for her marriage:
Be encouraged‚ĶDon’t give up interceding for your marriage and for your husband.¬†
To the tired & weary soul selflessly caring for your sick loved one:
Be encouraged‚ĶGod has raised you up for “such a time as this”.

Keep praising God no matter the journey you’re on.
I know from experience that when I turn my focus from my circumstances to Jesus,¬†my outlook begins to change. Things begin to look up, because I am looking upward…toward Him.

You have breath, you have life…there is hope.
Today is a brand new day. Ladies, I am praying for you.

Psalm 34:1 I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.


1st official post!

Hi Everyone!

One of the highlights of my life is to be able to share with others¬† how I, along with my husband and girls, do life.¬† This will be a glimpse into our world.¬† From faith, family, homeschooling, my favorite recipes, health tips and natural beauty products, I am thrilled to pass along what I am so passionate about.¬† I have spent many years researching organic, healthy eating and lifestyle.¬† Though I am no expert, I love talking about what works best for me and my family.¬† I have greatly enjoyed advising women, one on one, over the years.¬† After much encouragement from my husband to start a blog, I’m now ready to share about our adventures!¬† Let’s do life together…here we go!