Introducing ‘ChanlerWorks’…

Introducing ‘ChanlerWorks’…
‘ChanlerWorks’ began when our daughter, Chanler found her
grandmother’s sewing machine acouple of years ago.  She taught
herself how to sew and has been sewing up a storm ever since!
Chanler has been on a journey…not only learning to sew, but has
alsolearned to knit as well.  
Chanler is excited to introduce
‘ChanlerWorks’…a collection of her sewing creations and services.
Her very first product is her ChanlerWorks’ BagABag.  Her BagABags
were inspired when I needed agrocery bag holder but never could
find one of any quality.  After hearing me mentioning needing one,
she went to sewing and created me exactly what I needed.  She will
bereleasing new products and creations in the weeks and months
to come.  
Chanler is very particular about her work and strives
for the utmostquality.  She has enjoyed sewing for family and
friends and is sothrilled to release her products and services
to the market.  
Thank you for supporting Chanler’s new venture,
CLICK HERE to check out all of the ChanlerWorks products in my STORE.