My Workout Routine…

From time to time I get asked about my workout routine, (for losing weight and/or daily maintenance).
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…I do exercise, but I do not belong to a gym. I don’t have the time to go nor the extra money for a membership. Also, I don’t own any fancy equipment. Here’s what I use:
Two 10 lb. dumbbells, a core exercise ball and occasionally my arm/leg workout bands…that’s it.
I can testify that with a little determination, discipline and hard work a few minutes here and there, you can see some great results. My biggest challenge these days is time. Since I homeschool my kids, help my husband with his ministry, have my own ministry & organic skincare line, plus all the many things a wife & mommy has to take care of daily, I have to grab a few moments when I can to exercise. The key is to work as hard as I can in those moments when they do come. I do about 20-30 minutes a day, five or six days a week. During warmer months, I have a steep hill that I run up and down 7-10 times. As you can see I do interval training…short bursts of exercise/cardio at an intense level with a brief pause to rest between intervals. This is what works for me and what I’ve seen the most results with. I have tried long distance running and the “2 hours in a gym” thing. They just don’t work for me. I just did not see the results I see now. As far as losing weight is concerned, no amount of working out will go very far if you’re not watching what you’re putting into your body. You have to eat the proper foods while you’re working out. Limit or eliminate white flour/sugar, carbs, all processed foods, sodas and fruit juices.
This seems like a lot of info and may sound overwhelming. Don’t worry, just start small, (5-10 mins a day). If it takes awhile to get motivated, don’t beat yourself up. Like I always say, “take baby steps toward your goals”.
Remember, little changes in your eating and exercise will help you feel and perform your best!
I am praying for you and cheering you on!
PHOTO ABOVE: Here’s a photo from 2011 . My girls asked me for their own little weights. They love to jump in there with me from time to time.

My Husband’s New Song…

I am so excited and proud of my husband, Channing Eleton!
His new single release, BIGGER THAN THE SUN, is really starting to catch on at radio stations across the country. This is one of my favorite songs that he’s ever written. I think the message in the lyrics is resonating with people in all walks of life. No matter who we are, we desperately need God’s grace. And thankfully, “God’s grace overflows the deepest oceans…”
This message needs to be heard. The more you call and request BIGGER THAN THE SUN at your Christian, Gospel and Christian Country stations, the more the song will be played. The more it is played, the more the message gets out. Thank you for your help!

My girls never cease to amaze me…

Oh my, I’m not suppose to have a daughter that’s already 12 years old, (not to mention a daughter that is able to sew!).
A few months back, my daughter found her grandmother’s sewing machine and taught herself how to sew. This dress and bonnet was two of her first pieces that she made for her little sister. My girls love “Little House On The Prairie”, (thus the inspiration for this particular outfit). Chanler designed the whole outfit herself…colors, material, and even the measurements. I am so proud of her and amazed that this was her first project!


Coffee & Conversation…

Coffee and intentional conversation with my husband. We want to encourage you about something today. It’s hard, we know and understand, to set aside time for just talking and catching up with each other. We’re guilty of being so busy and missing these special moments together. It is so very important and vital to our relationship and marriage. Here are some unspoken rules we have during these times:
*Never look at our phones for emails, social media, texts, etc.
*We never take or make any calls during these times.
*The only exception to the previous two rules is sending/receiving texts and/or calls from our babysitter or girls.
*Talk about us and try to learn new things about each other, (a great springboard for conversation is to reminisce
about our dating years).

Channing and I have noticed couples out where one or both are on their phones…obviously scrolling through some sort of newsfeed. This is so sad! I encourage you, when you’re with your spouse and/or family, to leave the phone down…or better yet, turn it off.
We just wanted to encourage and share with you some things on our hearts. We haven’t always gotten it right…and occasionally we have to call “time-outs” to reevaluate our time and priorities. The important thing is to keep going, keep trying and keep working at it.
Most importantly, during these special times of conversation, the key is to have fun! Stay engaged in the moment…enjoy each other, laugh, flirt and dream together.
We are praying for you!!!

Kid’s Multi-Vitamin

These supplements are what helps keep my girls’ immune systems strong during the cold and flu season. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are a must, especially during the winter months.
Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA, (Cod Liver Oil), is a favorite of mine for providing the Vitamin D needed for their little bodies. ChildLife Essentials is great for extra Vitamin C. And, I love Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Whole Food Multivitamin For Kids. It provides an organic fruit and vegetable blend that gives my kids those extra nutrients needed.

Kid's Multi-Vitamin