Here are a couple tips for CHRISTINA’S ORGANIC FACIAL SCRUB:
#1 You will notice from time to time that the oils may solidify or separate. This is completely normal. Just gently stir and it’s ready to go!
#2 Make sure to apply to a wet face. Also, leave on for a few minutes. The longer the better to really get all the benefits.
I normally leave it on for at least 5-10 mins before rinsing.
More tips coming soon…

A little praise report…

A little praise report of how CHRISTINA’S ORGANIC FACIAL SCRUB helped someone I love, (my oldest daughter Chanler-12).
I originally formulated my scrub for my family…my inspiration.
This past year my daughter was experiencing preteen breakouts on her forehead. She would get really down about it. I could tell she was discouraged when she would talk to me about her skin issues. I got her to try my scrub and after a couple of times, I noticed a major difference in her skin. After regular use, her complexion totally cleared up. It thrilled my heart when she came to me and said “Mommy, I am so glad that you made this scrub because the places on my face have gone away!” I could see the joy in her face! I am so thankful to have been able to help my little girl!
I would love to hear your testimonies of how CHRISTINA’S ORGANIC FACIAL SCRUB is making a difference for you and your family!

Coming soon…

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I want to share something that’s been in the making for quite some time now. I am launching my own all-natural product line! I’m pinching myself…is this really happening? 🙂
My very first product, (Christina’s Organic Facial Scrub), is something I specially formulated for my family awhile back. We loved it so much and just knew we Christina's Organic Facial Scrub, Coming Soonhad to share it with you. 
The scrub uses my own special, (and secret), formulation of organic ingredients that I feel is what you need to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin. If you’re interested, private message me and I’ll mail to you a brochure that tells all about it. Stayed tuned for more info…