What I am about to tell you has been a year and a half in the making. After much research and testing, I am ready to release to the market, CHRISTINA’S ORGANICS HYDRATING FACE & BODY CREAM!  I do believe I am most proud of this over all of my products that I have formulated.  This face and body cream was my most challenging yet most rewarding accomplishment thus far.  It is all-natural, organic, with absolutely no chemicals…just what our skin craves!
My face and body cream is a special blend of organic beeswax, aloe, and jojoba oil, (just to name a few of these premium ingredients). These ingredients nourish and provide a healing, protective barrier for your skin.
We have been testing and refining this product for many months now and I am so happy to introduce, CHRISTINA’S ORGANICS HYDRATING FACE & BODY CREAM.
Join me and my family this week as we celebrate life and the release of this brand new product.  Enjoy a special introductory price $35.00, (this week only).  
Next week my cream will go back to its original price of $42.00.
Feel good about using a cream with ingredients just the way God intended.  It really does make a difference!


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