I’ve been on a journey…more details to come in the following days. But first:
SLEEP…this product here literally is a lifesaver!!!
Sleep is a must, it is not optional.
Everybody experiences nights from time to time where they cannot fall asleep or stay asleep. That’s normal.
But chronic insomnia is a very real darkness and a problem that many people suffer with. It affects your whole being. I did not realize the depth and seriousness of it until I began my own journey, with severe insomnia, in June of last year. I will share more details about my story in the coming days. For now, I want to help those dealing with insomnia or the occasional restless/sleepless night.
Let’s get back to SLEEP, the product. SLEEP is derived from a natural source of tart cherries. Tart cherry promotes safe and natural melatonin levels in the brain…not to be confused with synthetic Melatonin that you go and buy at the store.
Trust me, I have tried just about every ‘natural’ product out on the market to no avail, (Valerian Root, Melatonin, Chinese herbs, Essential Oils, Chamomile teas, Holy Basil…you name it, I’ve tried it).
Four, five and six day stretches with ZERO sleep literally forced me to seek out prescription medications from my family doctor. Medications that helped very little and then stopped working thus creating a whole new set of problems. More details to come…
All of this is coming from a girl that would not even take an Advil unless it was serious. Again, more details to come with my story…
For now, I want you to know that there is a safe, natural solution that works! If I can stop just one person from getting on these dangerous medications, it will be so worth it.
If you are interested in trying SLEEP, call ‘Point Of Return’ at 866-605-2333, (ask for Terry Crocker). Mention my name, ‘Christina Eleton’ and you will receive a discounted price. To receive the discount, you HAVE to mention my name.
If you have any questions or need advice, please don’t hesitate to private message me. I know God has a plan for me to help many dealing with these issues. I am here to help. I have gained so much wisdom on this journey.
Stay tuned…there is so much more to come. RELAX will be my next topic…and oh it is a wonderful safe product for stress, panic attacks and anxiety that really works! However, if you are in a serious struggle with those symptoms now, please private message me so I can give you more information immediately. Before turning to prescription medications that have no exit plan, I want to encourage you that there is another way!
Remember, call 866-605-2333 and ask for Terry Crocker. Don’t forget to mention my name for a discount!
More about my story, ‘Point Of Return’ and these wonderful products coming in the days ahead.
PLEASE SHARE with your family and friends!!!
You are not alone!! Please don’t suffer alone!! There is HOPE!!

God bless you all!

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