“Introducing Your Baby To Solid Foods…Part 2”

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Awhile back, I had some friends with requests that I post about what to feed their babies/toddlers. Part 1 was a few weeks back. Today, let’s move ahead into Part 2 and talk about solid foods.
The first five years of your babies life is the most critical years. They are developing their tastes and habits that will develop and set the stage for the rest of their lives.
I think it is so important in these beginning stages to keep processed food and sugar out of their diet as much as possible, especially the first three to five years. Your child needs “live, real food”, not processed “dead food” to help develop their bodies normally. They will have a clearer mind and have a better temperament. My philosophy is…why give your child sugar and sweets when they do not even know they exist? (They will find out about them soon enough). Keep those things out of your child as long as you have the say so to do so.
My oldest daughter, Chanler only had sugar, (birthday cake), on her birthday for the first several years of her life. Now I have no problems whatsoever with her eating whatever meals I prepare. My girls love, enjoy and appreciate good healthy food. This goes for beverages too. The best thing to give your child to drink with their meal is water, (or anytime of the day). Occasionally I would give them apple juice diluted with water. Studies show that drinking beverages too often with concentrated sugar…yes, that includes fruit juices…could lead to health concerns and obesity. Even milk has a lot of naturally occurring sugar in it.
Having said all that, let me share with you exactly what I did for my girls in introducing them to solid foods. Around seven or eight months old, I introduced my girls to their first food…fresh smashed bananas. Then a few days later, smashed avocado. I think these two are a great food to start with because they are easy for little bodies to digest. I eventually introduced them to a variety of vegetables…steamed sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. I made all of my girls’ food. Homeade baby food is the best food to give your baby. It is so easy and cheaper too! I would steam big batches of each vegetable and then put it in small glass jars to be frozen. It is so convenient to pull out and heat when ready to eat. Avocado and broccoli are two of the healthiest foods. Avocado is a healthy fat and so good for the brain. Broccoli has so many disease fighting properties. Also, I remember Chanler having the prettiest color skin from eating carrots and sweet potatoes. People would compliment her skin all the time saying that she had the prettiest skin tone. Anytime we went out to a restaurant, I would take along jars of store-bought, organic baby food. However, as often as I could, I took along fresh homemade baby food. It is totally worth the sacrifice. I am so glad I did it. I have a lot of sweet memories of those days. I encourage each new mommy today. Those early years can be overwhelming and trying, but they do not last very long. Enjoy those sweet years. You are giving that precious baby life whether you are nursing or preparing food. Take one day at a time and enjoy the journey. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and scrapbook their first year of how you cared for your child. In a few years you will have fun looking back with them and talking about it. Here are a few examples and photos of what I did. Remember to have fun!

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